• Dogwood April 5 -7
  • Inman Park April 29 - 30
  • Chastain Park May 6 - 7
  • Boardwalk  Virginia Beach Jun 15 -18


  • Callanwolde Jan 22
  • Sandy Springs Artsapaloosa April 16-17
  • Chastain Arts Festival May 7-8
  • Virginia Highlands Summerfest Juen 4-5

   emone is originally from Buffalo, New York but spent the real growing years in Dayton, Ohio. Now Atlanta has been his home for the past 26 years. Since his early childhood, drawing, crafting and building has always intrigued him. Demone's ability to draw was evident well before attending structured art classes in grade school and college. "I come from a very musical and creative family. My father, brother and I are musicians, as well as several cousins and uncles. I was exposed to music and art early on, but by my early 20's, art began to dominate." His appreciation for aart - in all forms - has exploded in recent years. Trips to New York, Paris and Rome are filled with visits in and out of museums and galleries. Demone has spent extended time in Paris and Moscow, which he says has been an unparalleled experience. Among the artists that catches his eye are Mark Lague, Liz Gribin, Sidney Carter, Harry Ally, and Maxwell Parrish. "Art, like jazz, allows you to be free. When the sky's the limit, you can express your heart's desires. That's what art does for me."


  • Artsapalooza Sandy Springs April 18-19
  • Chastain Park - May 9-10
  • Decatur Arts Festival  May 23-24
  • Virginia Highlands Summerfest June 6-7
  • Piedmont Arts Festival  Aug 15-16
  • Atlanta Arts Festival Oct 24-25
  • Chastain Park Nov 7-8